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ESL-LEAP (Learning English for Academic Purposes)

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The ESL-LEAP program is an intensive 36-week, 3-level program designed to prepare students, whose first language is not English but whom already have a basic knowledge of the English language for study in the career programs offered by Winston College. Therefore, the LEAP Program starts at the Intermediate Level. Academic skills are emphasized at all levels of the program.


Program Admission Requirements
  • High school diploma or equivalent or minimum 19 years; quick placement test required to determine suitable class.


Learning Outcomes / Objectives:

The course material will aim to reflect the student’s progress in acquiring language proficiency related to the competencies specified for each skill in the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), as shown below:



  • interacting with others

  • comprehending instructions

  • getting things done

  • comprehending information


  • interacting with others

  • reproducing information

  • getting things done

  • sharing Information


  • interacting with others

  • comprehending instructions

  • getting things done

  • comprehending

  • information


  • interacting with others

  • giving instructions

  • getting things done - sharing information

Course Descriptions

LEAP provides a specialized and unique learning experience for students by:

  • Facilitating the development of language skills

  • Assisting students to become successful independent learners

  • Encouraging student integration into the Winston College academic and career education community

  • Promoting academic success


The LEAP levels inspire students to improve their English language skills, to learn how to use English in a natural and professional way, and to practice skills using work/global-relevant topics.


LEAP instructor(s) is/are certified in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and has/have experience in culturally diverse academic settings. 


The intensive 36-week program covers all three LEAP levels:  Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced.  Students must successfully complete each level before receiving credit for the entire program.  The LEAP program focuses on an integrated approach to learning by emphasizing core skills at each level:

The content for the levels of the LEAP program is drawn from the required text for the course, cultural applications and current events.  The level of critical thinking skills and the complexity of academic strategies increases as the levels progress.

For detailed information, please contact our Admissions Officer or call +1-604-357-8022.  

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