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Diploma of Hospitality Management

Chef Dish
Program Outline

Hospitality Management offers specialized training in front office management, food and beverage service management and general management in this highly competitive and fast growing service industry. The accommodation sector of the tourism industry is the stepping-stone for advancement within resorts or hotel chains & offers international employment prospects.

Winston College in partnership with the Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association offers the Diploma of Hospitality Management,  4 Certificates of Specialization upon completion of each term, and 19 individual course certificates. Please note that the AH&LA passing score is 70%.


Program Admission Requirements
  • High school diploma or equivalent, or age 19 and above, minimum of 60% on winston college English placement test or winston college’s ESL program as a prerequisite. For university transfer program: high school diploma with GPA B- and minimum 70% on w.c English placement test or w.c leap program as a pre-requisite.


Learning Objectives


Upon completion of this program the student will be able to:

  • Understand front office operations including reservations, check-in, check-out and staffing procedures:

  • Understand the basics of catering including bookings and overseeing profitability

  • Identify target markets and use various sales and marketing methods

  • Use fundamental accounting practices to track income, costs and return on investment

  • Maintain a clean and attractive establishment through planning, organizing and staffing

  • Be aware of procedures for hiring, firing, performance evaluation techniques, benefits, and union relations

  • Apply all aspects of Food and Beverage service


Program setup
Term 1 – Rooms Division
  • HM333: Managing Front Office Operations

  • HM338: Managing Housekeeping Operations

  • HM387: Security and Loss Prevention Management

  • HM468: Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry

  • HM250: Supervision in Hospitality Industry

Term 2 – Food and Beverage
  • HM349: Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations

  • HM364: Planning and Control for Food and Beverage Operations

  • HM346: Managing Beverage Operation

  • HM245: Food Safety: Managing the HACCP Process

  • HM445: Purchasing for food service operations

Term 3 – Sales and Marketing
  • HM323: Fundamentals of Destination Management and Marketing

  • HM472: Hospitality Sales and Marketing

  • HM478: Convention Management and Service

  • HM374: Revenue Management

  • HM281: Hospitality Facilities Management & Design

Term 4 – Human Resources
  • HM357: Managing Hospitality Human Resources

  • HM354: Training and development for the Hospitality Industry

  • HM261: Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting

  • HM304: Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry


Upon successful completion of each Term, students will earn AH&LA certificates of specialization, in addition to the Diploma of Hospitality.

For detailed information, please contact our Admissions Officer or call +1-604-357-8022.  

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