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Presidents Message

Welcome to Winston College where we lead you to Success!


As an educator my ultimate goal is to train our students to have the ability to self-educate, to become self-motivated learners throughout their entire life, to keep staying at the cutting edge of their chosen professional careers and to pursue sustainable health, happiness and success all the time. A self-motivated learner myself, my qualifications include global cross-border experience in International Business Management, Film Production, Sports Entertainment and Olympics Economies, my own experience gives me strong belief that people are able to learn, to conquer challenges, to enlarge their comfort zones and to create rainbows of their and family’s dreams and lives.

I foresee the future of Winston College as an international educational institute that integrates and reflect the strength and power of our home economy – Vancouver and our target market – China, with professional team, outstanding facility, modern self-owned Campus Hotel/Apartments Building and industry linked community that can optimally serve our students.

Vancouver as Hollywood North, is the second largest in the world for TV production, the third largest for movie Production, and a major contributor to the world’s third largest gaming player – Canada. Vancouver is also the home to the 2010 Winter Olympics and offers strong Winter Sports industry and infrastructure. Our target international market – China features the world’s fastest-growing film industry, is rapidly becoming a global player, and is also host to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Here at Winston College we are building on the strength of local economics and international market needs. Both are informing our Program Design: Business Management Diploma with International Producer options, Sports Management with Winter Olympics Ice Hockey specialties, etc.. These and other of the programs we are now designing echo the demands of our target global market and students, bringing our students closer to future career success!

People often reference post-secondary learning as staying in Ivory Tower – far from the real world. We are developing Winston College as your next destination within one of the world’s most livable cities and countries, and in one of a kind Ivory Tower that simultaneously prepares our future students for the real world – a shining bridge leading to an exciting future career. We see Winston College not only as an educational center with best creative design programs for students, but also an industry hub bringing together some of the industry leading players, because education is indeed not only the best way to start career, but also a wonderful way for world’s successful professionals who wish to give back and lead ahead!

We are here waiting for you! THINK SUCCESS, THINK WINSTON!



Winston College

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