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Application Procedure

Minimum requirements to attend Winston College
  • Proof of High School Graduation or equivalent and must be Age 19 and over

  • English Competency: To ensure that all International Students’ English skills are at an adequate level to learn and communicate, they must require proof of 5.5 IELTS or must score a minimum of 60% on the “English Placement Test” of Winston College. If scores are below 60%, students will have to take some ESL courses until their English skills have improved and they can pass the “English Placement Test.”

There are two types of students attending Winston College:


Local students and international students. Local students are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants; and international students are citizens from countries outside of Canada. The application process is similar for both categories with the exception of the VISA process study permit for international students.


Documents/fees for the application:

  • Proof of High School Graduation or equivalent or Age 19 and over

  • Application form

  • Copies of transcripts and credentials

  • A non-refundable application fee of CDN$200

A 50% deposit of the Total Tuition Fees will be due payable upon the College’s Conditional Letter of Acceptance, the balance of the Tuition Fees are to be paid in 12 equal monthly instalments or 4 quarterly equal instalments . (For refund policies, Dispute Resolution and Dismissal, please contact at “”) 

For International Students only: 

An Official Letter of Acceptance will be issued to the student after payment of the 50% deposit. The balance of the Tuition Fees to be paid in 4 quarterly equal instalments or by 12 equal monthly instalments. (Please note that regulations and procedures for issuing student Visa vary from one country to another. The student is advised to allow sufficient time for the Canadian Embassy or Immigration Office serving in the students’ country to process the application for a Student Visa. Please contact us directly for an application form:

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